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The duo Kamilla Sultanova and Malin Gustavsson deliver powerful trainings for increased diversity and inclusion at workplaces


Do you need help with taking your team to the next level but you don’t know where to start? Does your diversity and recruitment intention needs a road-map to get to real tangible impact? Or do you feel there is too much nato (no action talk only)?

Malin Gustavsson and Kamilla Sultanova have created a tool kit to help Finnish SME's to prepare your teams on how to accept and embrace diversity and inclusion. Our tools, workshops and trainings support your diversity strategy to embrace the increasing diversity and making it work for you. The aim is to strengthen your company culture geared for increased revenue, increased sales and international growth.


Regardless where you are in the process, we offer training on: 

-  Exploring unconscious bias and unlocking diversity and inclusion awareness,

- Shift gears and succeed: diversity recruitment and inclusion through strategic intent, leadership behaviors and customer lenses. 

- Employee engagement and social capital to boost talent actions

- Leading change with international recruitment, 

- Driving performance of diverse teams,

- Recruiting your first diverse team, do's and don'ts,

Our hands-on work is research-based and fit to the Finnish business culture. Coupled with her export-oriented roles in logistics and shipping companies, Kamilla has done over 10 years’ worth of activist work in influencing debates, policies and practices in the field of diversity and inclusion, and cross-cultural dialogue in the Nordics and the EU. Malin is also known for her experience of the Diversity work in Sweden and in-house diversity work. This have given Kamilla and Malin both an insider and outsider perspective when it comes to help companies with simple tools to get started and go further with employer branding for D&I recruitment and retention, change management, product development and creating inclusive workplaces, which can work for everyone.

Working languages for this duo are English, Uzbek, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and German.

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions, reflections on how we could support your aims and missions.
Malin: +358 40 72 199 45
Kamilla: +358 404 517 080

Who are we?

Malin Gustavsson, is a CEO for Ekvalita since 2018. Ekvalita is the biggest expert enterprise on Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in the Nordics. Malin give trainings, workshops and developes tools for supporting sustainable change as games, videos, checklists and methods for SME up to 250+ companies, but also state authorities and NGO:s. She has a strong focus on organizational change and engagement from within to keep and attract workforce in tech, service and expert businesses. More about Malin.

Kamilla Sultanova is an international public speaker, workforce diversity consultant and trainer based in Helsinki. She has a communications background and has had a successful corporate sales career within logistics and maritime industry, where Finland has been one of her sales markets. With her experience within logistics, supply chain management, operations and go-to-market strategy she keeps a razor-sharp focus on diversity as a driver for increased sales, growth and innovation for Finnish SME's. More about Kamilla: