A gender equality perspective on anti-bulling work in school environemnt" ("Kärlek börjar inte med bråk" Ett könsperspektiv på det mobbningsförebyggande arbetet i skolan" Written by Malin Gustavsson
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Published by: Folkhälsans förbund, 2016

Opening up new opportunities in gender equality work (“Tasa-arvon mahdollisuuksia avaamassa”) both in Finnish and English.
Written by Jeff Hearn, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Ingrid Biese, Suvi Heikkinen, Jonna Louvrier, Charlotta Niemistö, Emilia Kangas, Paula Koskinen, Marjut Jyrkinen, Malin Gustavsson Ja Petri Hirvonen. Download in English and in Finnish
Published by: Hanken School of Economics, Research Reports 76, Helsinki, 2015

EIGE’s RDC - Collection of gender equality policy documentation and grey literature in 10 EU Member States (2014-2015) The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) collect non-commercial key documents and publications concerning gender equality that are published between year 1995 -2015 to Resource and Documentation Centre (RDC) of EIGE. Ekvalita made the biggest collection in this round with approx. 500 pieces and additional a summary of gender mainstream work in Finland. The project was managed by an Italian Partner.

Final report from the project Gender Equality glasses for good results (org. Sukupuolisilmälaseilla hyviin tuloksiin -hanke 15.2. - 31.12.2011 Loppuraportti)
Written by Tanja Riski, Anna Seligson, and Malin Gustavson. Download in Finnish.
Published by: The Ministry of Social and Health


Equal together (org. Tasan yhdessä) is an tool for projects to guarantee particularly a gender perspective but also equal participation in planning, conduction and evaluation of projects co-ordinated by the European Social Found founded project Sokra.
Client: Sokra / The National Institute for Health and Welfare
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Examination of the activities in your organisation (org. Granska din verksamhet) Ekvalita was on of three gender equality expert organisations (Medida and Revamp) designing a method material (a Norm Critical Toolbox) for supporting a more equal City of Malmö (Sweden). The toolbox was design for all levels in the organisation and consisted of 45 hands-on sheets that focus on the treatment of the citizens, particular in different decision making stages by the staff. (2015).
The material is internal and not available for public.
Client: City of Malmö 

Gender Equality in Education, 2013 (org. Tasa-arvo kasvatuksessa /Jämställdhet i lärande)
The free access study package at supports a gender perspective of the pedagogical work carried out within early childhood learning (day care and pre-school) and the education of the comprehensive school (grades 1—9) in Finland. The material consists of reading instructions for texts, video interviews and work sheet. View in Swedish, Finnish or read the introduction in English.
Client: The Council for Gender Equality (TANE) and the Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (TASY) in Finland.

PARK - a material about how to support good couple relationship. Malin Gustavsson have contributed to text material all of the four parts of the material.
Client: Folkhälsan

Gender Equality Work in Practise. Experiences from Secondary Schools with Swedish as the Work Language, 2012 (org. Jämställdhetsarbete i praktiken. Erfarenheter från andra stadiets utbildning på svenska)
Guidebook on how to start up and content a gender mainstreaming process in secondary school, partly based on existing work.
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Client: Finnish Board of Education and Folkhälsan

Sexual Harassment and Gendered Bulling, 2012 (org. Sexuella trakasserier och könsmobbning)
dditional method material on sexual harassment and gendered bulling for a anti-bulling educational DVD used in primary schools.
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Client: Folkhälsan

Increase rights – a method material on Children’s Rights in Schools, 2010 (org. För mer rättvisa – ett metodmaterial om Barnkonventionen i skolan), co-writer Antonia Wulff
Introduction toolkit into the Rights of Children to pedagogues and for pedagogues in work with pupils in primary School.
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Client: Folkhälsan

Girls, boys and similar possibilities. How you as a parent can contribute to more gender equal children, 2009 (org. Flickor, pojkar och samma möjligheter. Hur du som förälder kan bidra till mer jämställda barn)
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Client: Hem och skola rf.

More Gender Equality in Kindergarten, 2009 (org. Ett mer jämställt dagis)
- An easy hands on guide in examining every day work in Kindergarten from a gender perspective.
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Client: Folkhälsan

Gender make sense, 2008 (org. Kön spelar roll)
- A toolkit for discussions about gender with youth.
Client: Folkhälsan


Gender Equality Dictionary Ekvalita have been consulting on the mainly on the words in the Swedish version but also on formulations connecting to the Finnish version of the Gender Equality Dictionary.
Client: The Institution of Health and Welfare